Cre8us 2008-2011 key themes:

Creative Change

Working in partnership with Local Authorities Cre8us has supported creative organisational change and development in education, learning and cultural settings. We have worked with partner organisations helping them to identify areas they want to change or develop which are high on their priority list.

Creativity in workforce development

We have worked in partnership with others, to provide quality assured professional development opportunities for those working to develop young people's creativity, personal and learning skills and economic value to their communities.

Sustaining Creative futures

We have worked with a range of partners to ensure that young people in our sub-region (Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire) are prepared for 21st century learning, living and have available high quality employment opportunities - in the creative and cultural sectors and beyond.

The Cre8us effect…

Cre8us has developed creative learning based solutions to locally defined challenges. We have worked with schools, cultural and community organisations providing a partnership based catalyst for positive change.  Our creative agency process has supported individuals and organisations working with young people to navigate change and grow the creative skills that will enable sustained future success.

Using our team of professional and experienced educational change consultants we have worked with our partners to refine thinking, plan strategically and instigate well planned programmes that are targeted at achieving the key impacts on teaching and learning.

Through the flagship government Creative Partnerships programme we have assisted in bringing about exciting and engaging opportunities to develop teachers’ pedagogy and good practice, and engaged young people as co-constructors of their own learning.

Cre8us has enabled partnership based change through creative strategies, offering robust planning, delivery and evaluation on a variety of projects such as:

  • organisational change;
  • curriculum re-design;
  • developing pupil-led learning;
  • developing parental engagement;
  • creative evaluation;and
  • assessment for learning.

Cre8us has provided a catalyst for positive change in education, cultural and community settings.  Our creative agency process has supported individuals and organisations to navigate change and grow the creative skills that will enable sustained future success.

Raising the inspiration, attainment and the development of young people has been at the very heart of all the creative and innovative partnership work that Cre8us delivered.

We have worked with over 100 schools across Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire, helping them to develop teaching and learning, assisting them to create their own creative curriculum specifically designed to meet their young peoples' their specific community's needs.  Our work has been bespoke programme of strategic change to develop, support and successfully address each school’s unique needs and priorities. Look at our projects to see the positive impacts that our partnership schools have achieved.

Cre8us were part of Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Partnership Ltd (CSWP) and have over 6 years experience in delivering creative partnerships and facilitating arts-based creative learning.

Cre8us Ltd 2012 onwards

Several strands of legacy project work continue throughout 2012 with schools and practitioners. No funding is currently in place for either staffing or new project activity. Cre8us Ltd exists to protect the intellectual property contained with name Cre8us.