Creative Agents

'Creative agents' have played a key role in the delivery of Cre8us' programmes - working closely with all the partners involved, in the planning, delivery and evaluation of each project.

Entering a school as the creative agent, there's a sense of expectation as the lights go up. At times the players work as a perfect team, and sometimes the creative energy goes and they pull apart; it's always been exciting as the players make their own story. Creative agents help to clear a space for the creativity to grow. A few hundred years ago a space would be cleared by the players with a broom, sweeping the stage is still an important job; so watch out for me on my broomstick...

What is a Creative agent?

When Cre8us delivered the Creative Partnerships programme, each school we engaged was assigned to their own Creative Agent. This creative professional then worked closely with the school to help them shape their own bespoke programme with a clearly defined purpose. The Creative Agent’s key role has always been to support schools in embedding creative learning across the organisation, so that innovative new approaches infuse and shape curriculum development, professional development of staff and the enquiry focus of the school.

Creative Agents have drawn upon their own practical experience of ‘creativity’, and have acted as a catalyst, able to respond to a schools specific dynamic, rather than applying a pre-determined process. Whether from arts, culture, education, science, or other sectors, their key skills lay in their ability to challenge and support new practice in the field of creative learning.

Who are Creative Agents?

The Creative Agents working with Cre8us have always been experienced practitioners (from many different disciplines) with substantial experience of working in educational settings.  Creative Agents were committed to working in partnership with schools to help realise the creative potential of all learners and to make learning more engaging and effective through creative approaches.

The skills of a Creative Agent…

Creative Agents demonstrated a proven expertise in relationship building, partnership management, programme development and delivery, brokering contractual arrangements with other practitioners, enabling professional development and developing networks of practice. Most importantly creative agents have been skilled in developing reflective practice through fostering the growth of professional learning communities in schools.

Creative agents supported schools and creative practitioners through acting as a critical friend: asking challenging questions within a supportive context. They supported schools and creative practitioners to work with young people as equal partners.

There are four key phases that describe how a Creative agent supported a school through the Creative Partnerships process. Although presented sequentially, they often happened simultaneously:

  • Diagnostic: Analysing where a school is at and how a Creative Partnerships process might be most effectively introduced and owned by a school. For Creative Partnerships to be most effective, it has to be done with and not.
  • Planning and Brokering: Establishing a focus question, enquiry framework and action plan, with appropriate creative practitioners, to deliver a creative learning programme of work;
  • Supporting the school and creative practitioners to introduce and implement changes, planned and incidental, that emerges through a Creative Partnerships programme;
  • Ensuring that all relevant stakeholders are involved in reflecting on the learning that has emerged from the Creative Partnerships process.

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